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Mid Century Modern | Vintage | Retro

RECRO carries a range of curated vintage pieces for your space. Our vintage collections are unique, limited and are all finely restored to its glory by our experienced craftsmen. Our collections are mostly from the 50/60’s circa (mid century) where you can see the simple lines, the pencil legs and the seamless joints, all iconic of the 60’s era

Custom Order | Bespoke furniture

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you also have the option of customising or making it with us.

Furniture Restorations | Repair | Reupholstery

At RECRO we strive to breathe new life into furniture. Our motto to recreate, restore and revive furniture makes us the leading name for refurbishment services in Kuala Lumpur. Old and broken furniture can now be relevant and contemporary under the experienced hands of our dedicated craftsmen.

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